How do betting brands distinguish themselves through sponsorship activation?

A lot of sport clubs based in countries where gambling is regulated, closed a deal with a betting partner. A partnership between a betting brand and a sports team creates new opportunities, especially in the field of sponsorship activation and exposure. Over the years, we have seen a lot of examples where betting brands successfully manage to create brand awareness using sports teams in a creative way. Below we highlighted some sponsorship activation campaigns that we think are good examples of how sponsorship activation should be done.

Betfair – A Freekick Masterclass

Betfair is the official online bettingpartner for Liverpool FC. As a part of their sponsorship activation, Betfair consistently posts videos in which players of the club execute certain challenges. In one of the videos that they posted they get help from a famous Dutch YouTuber, vvBasvv. Bas went viral in 2015 when he uploaded a video in which he shoots free kicks using the so-called “knuckle ball” technique. After this video, Bas transformed into a real YouTube-star and ended up doing this video with Betfair. In the video bas takes on Balotelli, Borini, Lambert and Markovic in a freekick challenge. The players from Liverpool think that Bas has won a contest and therefor won a meet and greet. What they don’t know is that Bas possesses a freekick technique that is almost perfect. The result: a lot of confusion and astonished faces. The video has been viewed almost five million times in only two years.

Street F1 with Team Betsafe

The Gumball 3000 Rally is a rally in which people try to travel 3000 miles in six days. Gumball is characterized by the extravagant cars and famous people that participate. Some famous people that have joined the Gumball over the years are: David Hasselhoff, Afrojack and Deadmau5. Betsafe is a sponsor of the Gumball 3000 Rally and participates with their own team every year. Last year, a very special car entered the Gumball on behalf of team Betsafe. They manufactured a Betsafe F1 car that is allowed to drive on the regular streets. In preparation for the Gumball 3000 Rally, they decided to test the F1 car in downtown Manchester. This caused some great reactions from people that were passing by:

Bayern München basketball vs Bayern München Football

Bwin was the official gaming partner for Bayern München from 2012 till 2015. Next to a football team, Bayern also has a Basketball team which plays in the highest division in Germany. In 2013 Bwin, as a part of their sponsorship activation, set-up a challenge between FC Bayern München and Bayern München Basketball. Muller, Dante, Martinez and Rafinha took on a few all-stars of Bayern’s Basketball team. It turns out that the football stars also have some basketball skills! The video has been watched over a million times.

Unibet & the F2 Freestylers

Unibet drafted the F2 Freestylers (two famous YouTubers who have more than five million subscribers) for sponsorship activation. By posting sponsored content on the YouTube channel of the F2 Freestylers, Unibet hopes to make a better connection with their younger target group (millenials). In the videos that the F2 Freestylers produce for Unibet, they put all kinds of sport myths and clichés to the test. Below they are testing whether or not weather can affect a football match. This video has been watched almost three million times in only nine months

These are a few examples of betting brands trying to create a brand image by using sponsorship activation. It is interesting to see that the activation mostly happens online through video content nowadays. The fact that famous YouTubers are contracted by betting brands initiates that YouTube is the number one platform for reaching an online target group. Nowadays Betting brands are more actively using and producing video content. The video productions (from Betsafe for example) shows that the budgets for sponsorship activation are getting bigger. Sponsorship activation is an important way to use the values of a sports club, and transferring these to the betting brand. In a time where gambling usually gets associated with negative thoughts, sponsorship activation can establish positive thoughts about a betting or sports brand.

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