Bingoal & KV Oostende
In stadium betting

In-stadium betting at KV Oostende

The Belgian brand Bingoal has started a collaboration with BD Sport Europe to boost their current in stadium betting service. At KV Oostende, which is the club they already partnered with, Bingoal already offered betting possibilities at the home games of KV Oostende. However, the fans in the VIP areas were not as easy to reach compared to fans in other parts of the stadium. Next to this there was no direct ROI for Bingoal from the offered betting services. In collaboration with BD Sport the offer of betting markets is simplified, the exposure of Bingoal throughout the stadium is expanded and the VIP visitors are reached as well.

BD Sport is now offering a way of sports betting which has a low entry level and is easy to understand. As mentioned before, the presence of Bingoal in and around the stadium has been expanded: our employees are working in Bingoal-styled clothesl, just as the pens and coupons are designed conform the guidelines of Bingoal. Next to the existing selling points, BD Sport added extra selling points, which also are in line with the style of Bingoal.

The betting process is very simple: just tick which team is going to win the game, score, or any other bet displayed on the coupon. After this you can tick the amount of money you want to bet and hand the form to the hostesses. Fans who place a bet get a unique playing ticket, which makes it able to cash-out the winnings online through unique software developed by BD Sport. This way, fans are introduced to sports betting in a fun and social way. Also, the fan gets stimulated to become an online customer.

All the employees that work for BD Sport are screened and trained before their first day of work. Additionally, all the employees are licensed with a so-called D-license which is necessary within the perks of the Belgian Law. BD Sport will host the in stadium betting service at every home match of KV Oostende this season, in collaboration with KV Oostende and Bingoal. BD Sport will do all the preparations and execution – from staff to bookmaking and from the stake to the online pay out. BD Sport focusses on three main things: converting offline customers into online customers, gaining exposure for Bingoal and strengthening the brand of Bingoal through the staff and present management.

Partner Bingoal has found a creative and fun way to promote its brand during home matches of KV Oostende. During half-time, people could win a thousand euros worth of play money by hitting the crossbar:

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