World Cup Betting in Brussels

Betting in Brussels during the WC

It’s June 2014 and the World Championship football in Brasil has started. Amongst the competing teams are the Belgians, also known as

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the Red Devils. It’s the first time in 12 years the Belgians are participating in a big international tournament. Because Brasil is too far away for many fans, the matches of the Belgian squad are being displayed on several squares and public places throughout the country. The whole country is obsessed by the achievements of the squad, and the enthusiasm is enormous. Some places are visited by 10 to 15.000 people.


As Brussels, on the square in front of the King Baudouinstadium. The five matches Belgium played are being watched by more than 50.000 fans. BD Sport was present to offer a betting service for betFIRST during these events. As most visitors are Walloons and thus French speaking, we offered our services in French this time. Sponsoring this event didn’t only gain more awareness and sympathy for the brand, the investment has been translated in a clear return on investment: winning bets result in new accounts for the brand.

Besides de acquisition of new accounts, the presence of staff is an added value. They give the brand a look and feel and have a direct influence on the experiences of customers with the brand. Therefore, BD Sport spent a lot of time to hire the right staff. We know out of experience that this is one of the most important factors to succeed.

With the help of our flyers one could find the betting points on the location easily and informed about our specials of that night. That resulted in good exposure and traffic to our betting points

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