About Us
BD Sport Europe is originated from BD Sport Group from the UK. John Lee and Tony Warwick started working together in the 1990’s when they spent time looking at business development opportunities in US Sports within Europe. This work with US Sports has proven the inspiration behind many of the things that the Company does today. In the early years BD Sport identified how US Sports Rights holders had to work very hard in finding new ways to reach and “entertainment†their customers because of the fierce competition in their local markets. The methods used and more importantly the philosophy that was observed has been translated into the European market and has served BD Sport well for the last 10+ years. The work within the gambling category has made BD Sport an unrivaled base for knowledge of gambling sponsorships within sport and BD Sport has given its help and advice to over 25 gambling brands in the past years. This number is growing. BD Sport is now a Group entity with other companies within the group in Spain, Benelux and of course BD Stadia in the UK.
Provided sponsorship advice and activation in countries that include Spain, Italy and Belgium amongst others.
Launched the first white-label in stadia betting operation allowing online gambling brands to enjoy key experiential marketing in the sports “cathedral”.
Launched the first white label Football Club gambling platform.
Delivered over 100k new customers to betting companies
Developed bespoke hardware and software to assist valuation and activation
Negotiated and activated over £70m in sports sponsorships
Launched US Sport internet retail site with various media companies
Bart Cordemeijer
Managing Director
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Bart is Managing Director of BD Sport Europe. He worked in several sporting environments: from global brands to a professional American football team and much more.For more information: linkedIn bartcordemeijer
Tom van Beem
Project Manager
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Tom is Project Manager at BD Sport Europe and responsible for the in stadium betting operation in Belgium in close cooperation with Bart.For more information: linkedIn tomvanbeem
Company Group

Originated from the UK, BD Sport Group has two companies underneath it: BD Sport and BD Stadia. As the legislation of the online betting market opened up in Europe slowly, the company looked for new challenges across the ocean. Together with Bart, John and Tony established BD Sport Europe. With the arise of BD Sport Europe, John and Tony found a party who is aware of the local market, speaks the language and has the right connections in order to do what we do best: advising and activating sport sponsorship deals.


The mission of BD Sport Europe is to use joint capacity, knowledge and skills in various sports and industries in an innovative way to generate new revenue streams by linking betting to sports. Thereby using sports data, sports images and other sports rights for trading to the online gambling market. We will focus predominantly on the Benelux market with expansion possibilities into other markets.